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The Courtyard House


The Courtyard House

The Courtyard House is a special project originated around an existing farmhouse and creating a private, multi-functional courtyard. The courtyard is bounded by the re-built historic home, a modern addition, and a newly constructed barn. Stone masonry is a major material element with custom large format Sonoma Cream Limestone from Solstice Stone being the central material.

The history and lifestyle of the clients were the true inspiration of the project, designed and built by Koss Design Build. The property had been in the family for generations and the owners had a very clear vision of where they wanted to go with the design.  Almost every design decision and detail, great and small can be linked back to how the clients live their lives and their specific likes and habits.

This project balances on a tight rope between modern and traditional design.  The home itself is broken up into 2 main forms, the re-built historic home and the more modern addition.

Natural Stone

The custom large format Sonoma Cream Limestone is used in the modern addition and helps give the space a more tactile feel.  Stone is often considered a harder or less forgiving design element but by using a roughened material that hard design edge was dulled and helped tie the new addition to some of the more traditional elements of the project.

Finding a large format, split-face limestone with the right look and feel while also meeting a budget is an arduous task. Erik Koss, founder of Koss Design Build, stated “we went to Solstice knowing that they would have one of the best selections in the valley and that if needed they could look at new options and sources to help us find the right product.”

According to Koss, “The limestone walls are one of the highlights of the entire project.  These walls create the framework that the rest of the design ties into.  The monolithic nature of the large format pieces combined with walls that run floor to ceiling as well as inside and out really unify the project while giving it a feel of high quality and permanence.”

Design and Build by: Koss Design Build

Photography by: Roehner + Ryan

Project description and quotations by: Erik Koss