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Hillside Contemporary


Hillside Contemporary

Hillside Contemporary demonstrates how stone masonry can be utilized architecturally to add character to ultra modern design. This project was designed and built by The Construction Zone.

The architecture of the project is defined by ultra modern utilization of straight lines, steel, and glass. Typically these signatures of contemporary architecture can lead to a colder or industrial aesthetic. By introducing stone masonry into the architecture, the project is “warmed up” with added character that adds to the dimensionality without detracting from the ultra modern design intent.

 In this case, the stone selection was specifically made for a warmer earth tone color limestone laden with remnants of fossils captured during the stone’s formation over millions of years. This custom large format Chestnut Shell stone from Solstice Stone is a warm and lively limestone quarried in a shallow ledge quarry in Kansas. Due to the quarry’s status as a former sea bed, fossils of ancient sea life, particularly shells, are a regularly occurring and defining feature.

However, it was important to fabricate this material into a modern format with saw cut edges and sawn fixed heights with a long plank like linear orientation to fit in with and embrace the ultra modern design intent. The installation of this natural stone thin veneer masonry in a dry stack format, which required trimming and cutting of a majority of the pieces to ensure a tight fit in the wall runs, also contributed to a more clean and modern look versus a traditional grouted installation.

This project demonstrates the flexibility and suitability of stone masonry for every type of design — even ultra modern typically featuring other materials such as steel and glass — as long as there is a superior level of stone selection, fabrication, and craftsmanship.

 Design and Build by: The Construction Zone

 Photography by: The Construction Zone